Market Research

We offer strategic primary market research for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

Breadth of Experience

We have executed studies in over 25 therapeutic areas, including:

Obesity Diabetes Dyslipidemia Hypertension Cardiovascular Conditions PCI and other interventional procedures Anticoagulants Atrial Fibrillation Stroke prevention TIA Ischemic and vascular conditions Asthma AR COPD RA OA Osteoporosis Plastic Surgery Pain Anti-infectives ED Oncology Vaccines HIV Parkinson’s MS Alzheimer’s Bipolar Disorder Schizophrenia Rare diseases Medical devices of various types

Types of Studies

Key services range from developmental, exploratory research through branding and post-launch research, and include:

  • Exploratory: Market Landscape and Buying Process research
  • Concept testing
  • Product Positioning research
  • Messaging and Story-flow research
  • Detail Aid (visual presentations) testing
  • Drivers / Barriers research
We are experts in the use of qualitative market research techniques.
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Global Expertise and Capabilities

We are multilingual experts who conduct primary market research in global markets. We manage multi-country market research studies on a regular basis. We have extensive experience in, and deep knowledge of:

  • Latin America: BRAZIL, MEXICO, ARGENTINA, and other markets
  • Europe: ITALY, FRANCE, GERMANY, SPAIN, UK, and other markets
  • US and CANADA

Multilingual, Multi-cultural

We possess deep knowledge of Latin American and European markets. Our multilingual capabilities allow us to provide the highest level of quality in qualitative market research (in moderation and project management) as well as consistency of approach from use of a single moderator/analyst across country markets.

We speak fluently English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.  

With longstanding relationships in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, we can quickly identify and enlist best-in-class facilities, recruiters, interpreters, moderators, and other partners to ensure timely delivery of results.  

Quality Approach

Attention to details at every stage of your project

We are attentive to every step of the research process: problem definition, definition of objectives, methodology selection, creation of screener, selection of moderator / interpreter / recruiter / facility, recruitment, execution of research, data preparation and cleaning (if quantitative), analysis, and presentation of results.

In Emerging Markets, especially in Latin America and Asia, special attention is required to ensure that recruitment and execution of research are properly conducted. We ensure that results obtained are valid and actionable.

Analytical Perspective

Both consulting and "client side" experience

Our perspective comes from having worked within three different healthcare market research agencies, a major pharmaceutical company, a major medical device company, and a strategic management consulting company. We view marketing research as an integral partner to marketing and business development, and provide a strategic perspective to all projects.